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Sales funnel is a reference for lead generation and sales closure. Sales funnel helps you to pick a marketing strategy that yields maximum results.  It is considered to be an upside down triangle where most buyers are at the top of the funnel and only a small portion of the potential buyers who are ready to take action toward purchasing the products or the services are at the bottom of the funnel. 


Many factors influence the sales funnel. Let’s take a look at them. 

Call to action -

CTA or call to action motivates your audience to take real actions to become your clients or customers. It’s a determining factor between a lead and conversion. That’s why skipping CTA never does good for your company.

Inbound - 

Inbound marketing is a strategic method that educates and nurtures your business prospects throughout their journey of becoming your customers. Through this method, you are allowed to offer your prospects valuable information relating to your business without interrupting them. 


Inbound marketing helps to simplify the job of sales and marketing and also increase online visibility and brand awareness by creating powerful content for their prospects. As inbound marketing generates traffic and builds relationships between sellers and buyers, it is considered to be one of the most valuable elements in sales funnel. 

Retargeting campaign -

Retargeting is a method of adding a small code to the landing page which places a cookie in every visitor’s browser which eventually adds them to the audience list. This allows the marketer to retarget these audiences with a specific campaign solely aimed at them. 


Retargeting the visitors on the audience list yields far better results than any other method. That’s why the retargeting campaign is considered to be an effective tool in increasing sales funnel. 

Email sequencing - 

Email sequencing is a tactic of sending targeted emails to prospects when they actually need to generate sales or drive action. Email sequence generates subscribers over time, deepens the relationship between sellers and buyers through sharing valuable contents. 


Email sequencing also helps to increase engagement with your potential customers, captures leads and drive sales. That’s why email sequencing plays an important part in the sales funnel. 

Funnel A/B test - 

Content marketing is important marketing in any online business. It attracts traffic​​​​​​​, increases engagement, and nurtures leads. And to check if your content converts the best, you must pass it through the funnel A/B test. 

Funnel A/B tests optimize the click-through rates for your contents. It helps you to understand what message resonates with your visitors the most and provides you constructive feedback about what contents will convert future visitors. 


Sales funnel helps you to relate to your customers and generate more sales. That’s why to improve and grow your business quickly, understanding the sales funne​​​​​​​l is very important.