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The more visitors you have the more chances you get to add new customers, showcase your brand value and build a relationship with your clients. That’s why driving huge traffic to your website increases the conversion rate and revenue. 

Let’s take a look at the factors that play a huge part in driving traffic to your business website.


CPM is one of the most popular measurements used in the eCommerce business. It refers to the cost of displaying an ad one thousand times on Google or any other search engine platforms. CPM is a pricing structure that helps to maintain the affiliate networks in the eCommerce business.  


Viewable CPM is an alternative to traditional CPM. It allows the enterprise to only pay for ads when it is seen by the users rather than paying for it whenever the ads render on a webpage. This affordable tactic helps to promote your online business only to the relevant audience and expand your brand value.


CPC refers to the cost you pay whenever any user clicks on your online advertisement. CPC helps you to run your online marketing campaigns and increase the overall traffic to your website. And the best part is you will only need to pay for it whenever the users click on it. If you don’t get any clicks you don’t have to pay but you still get the chance to display your ads on webpages.

Conversion rate - 

Conversion rate is more important to increase revenue as it always leads to more sales. Investing in websites is the best ROI marketing choice you can make. That’s why it’s important to focus on increasing conversion rate while you are focusing on dragging huge traffic to your website.


In business, inbound equals to interacting. It refers to putting your useful, compelling content out there to attract more clients. Inbound marketing is all about publishing the right content at the right place so you can build better authority in your industry and drive huge traffic to your website. 

Keyword phrase research -  

For a higher ranking position and driving targeted traffic to your business website, using the right keywords is absolutely necessary. Keywords or keyword phrases are the words internet users type in the search box to look for your business. So it’s very important to put some time, effort and thought into researching keywords for your business before settling with one. You must choose a keyword that is relevant to your business and has a high search volume.

Data trends - 

Data trend is an old, well-established, and powerful tactic to measure the performance of your marketing strategies. Data trends help you to predict the future outcome and change your marketing strategies according to that. 


More traffic allows you to grow your business Cash Flow​​​​​​​ and expand your product line in the future. That’s why driving traffic to your website is extremely important for any business.